On starting over

She told me today, I would do anything to restart my life and start over. I can’t help but laugh at her, i try to not make it sound like i was mocking her though. I love her but i just thought what she said, was completely ridiculous.

Restart her life? Start over? Then what? Would she choose differently? If really, she’s given the chance to start on a totally new book, and if she could rewind time, and when she’s in the same exact position as before, going through the same things as before, feeling the same feelings she felt before.. would she choose differently?

Now i am talking about restarting raw; meaning she doesn’t know what will happen and what might happen, even if she restart her life.

So i say, I doubt so. 

I told her to instead say I would do anything to make my future right, the way i want it to be.

Why focus on the past? You cant change it. You cant touch it. You can only relieve it.

And if her past is that sad, why does she keep on thinking it, relieving it?

You can touch the future and change it. Make an effort to shape your future how you want it to be.

But she just looks down to the floor.

9 June 2015


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