And when the storm feels the coldest and the rain feels the hardest, i hope you’re strong enough to know that you deserve much better. I hope you know that though you love so hard.. sometimes, most of the time, you will never meet anyone who loves you as hard as how you love others, as hard as you love him.

So i hope you remember that before you fall in love again, before you overwhelmed yourself again, i begged you to fall in love with yourself first. Fall deeply in love with yourself. And maybe you’ll finally realize how hard you love and maybe you’ll realize how scarily you love, and maybe you’ll realize that it was because of that love, that drives people away, that drive her away. So when you feel like you want to give up, go and give up. Because that thought should never run through your mind in the first place.


But i hope you woke up feeling so full of love, at the first ray of sunshine, at the crack of dawn, with a smile on your naked face.

You have always look so beautiful in every possible humane way.

And i hope you’ll be okay, in everything that you choose to do after us. You’ll always be my favorite chapter. But i am done. So thank you, I’ll go on about my day while drinking my coffee.


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