Betrayal Within

She told me once before, that her sadness has become a part of her. And that by telling anyone what’s wrong, the real reason why she’s sad, she felt as though she’s betraying the bond they shared; her sadness and her.

But what she doesn’t know is that she needs to tell someone. She needs help.

But i have no idea how to help her because she’s not opening up to anyone and i feel sad for her. She doesn’t understand how unhealthy it is to feel this… low every night.

Its not normal. Its saddening. Its demoralizing. Its depressing.

I am not sure if she’s afraid to admit the truth, or if she doesn’t even know the real reason why she’s feeling this way. And when she let these emotions drowned her, because trust me she doesn’t fight back, all i can do is just stare helplessly at her; hoping this time round it’ll be different, and she’ll find some strength within to swim back up, and for once, be in control.

But it was never different.

8 March 2015


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