An Adulation

I am not sure what it was… but when my eyes rest on yours,
i swear i could see an ocean full of universe in them and all i wanted to do,
is to drown in them.

And when my lips finally laced with your voice,
i swear i could feel the sun shining on the other side of the world
and the moon smiling on the side of ours.
I could feel the beautiful stars,
it was as if they were at the palm of my hands; and beneath us.

And then with a sudden crazy slap-in-the-soul  I realized that…
My Heart, together with your Heart, are long lost friends.
They know each other very well.

She found you, and i recognize a home for me.

Just please, close the doors and hand me the keys.
Can we not hurt each other’s Hearts anymore?


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