Desperate Minute

“You’re a suffocator,
and i tried falling in love with you, i really tried.
But darling you loved me too hard you left no room for me to show you how i love.
Maybe I love you but i know, i was never in love with you.
You have layers and layers of emotions and each time i understand one,
another one bleeds out.
And i tried i swear i tried but you overwhelmed me
and my heart just doesn’t want your kind of loving.”


“I’ll let you kill me you know?
Just tell me how you want me killed.
I’ll provide.
just don’t ever say i never love you…
because loving you was the easiest, most effortless thing I’ve ever done
and i love you hard.
Just don’t ever make me feel unappreciated…
I let you kill me what else is there?”


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